The Soul Savers Book Series Review.

First lets start with the first book. Promise. I thought it was awesome the paranormal romance that goes on is so enticing. But i think the words i used previously were wrong it is not an enticing love it is a forbidden love. Alexis Ames is just a normal girl…. Or so she thought one night she has a dream about being attacked in a street near her house when suddenly an amazingly beautiful man appears and disables her attackers. The gorgeous man takes down the blonde evil woman standing over Alexis in the alley while another hot man (Who is still admirably gorgeous but doesn’t compare to the man before) takes down a wolf?!?!!? Where the heck did a wolf come from?? Snapped back into reality she wakes up from this dream and finds herself in her bed at her house. Or at least the house they have now. She wouldn’t necessarily call it home considering how she moves all the time. But she gets up and moves on to her daily routine. get up get dressed eat breakfast and go to school. But something is different at school now. Surrounded in her own dream world Alexis didn’t realize what had happened until she was hitting the floor and the most gorgeous and slightly familiar boy she had ever seen stood a top her. She stared into liquid green eyes with gold flecks in them. Wow!! She had never seen such a beautiful sight before!! And he smelt like mmmm….. sweet like mangoes and papayas, citrusy like lime and spicy like…… sage… and just a hint of man. (That was a quote from the book. It does not belong to me whatsoever). What was with the way he looked at her and the way he said her name. It was so…… familiar. Weird. Anyways as she walked to class and suddenly realized he was sitting there in her class in her focus group. What was she going to do? With her head down she walked into the class room and watched as he stared at her willing her to look him in the eyes just as she did……………………….


I hope you enjoyed my little review/rendition of the book. Please note that not all of these words are mine and most come from the book. Honestly this book is amazing. If you like forbidden love, drama, action and a little bit of comedy red this book. It is called promise the first book in the soul saver series by Kristie cook. The ending is such a cliff hanger and leaves you wanting more!!


Something New

To become something new you have to leave something old. Now I’m not talking about leaving your old grandmother in a ditch somewhere because she is well…….old. I’m talking about leaving past aggressions and faults and failures behind. Recently I was slammed into an eye opening situation in where people began to hate me. But the thing is they didn’t hate me they hated what I was becoming and how I was acting. Personally If someone was acting like how I was acting to other people I would be outraged. Now I have struggled with this for a while, but just for reference I am working on it. There are people still bugging me that I am not trying hard enough or that I simply don’t want to try and for those people I want to say this.

I have said some not nice things and lost my cool before, and I am sorry but I am trying. I have been like this for a while and its not a huge problem or anything it is just something I need to work on, but you need to understand bringing up MY problems and only MY problems ALL the time is not helping me. It brings me down a lot. This is not what I was getting to what i wanted to say was what about you? What about your problems and your down falls and your failures? Why is it always she did this she did that. When are you ever going to see that you are not perfect and neither am I? No matter how hard you try you will never be perfect. Never ever. So stop pushing at those people who aren’t the prettiest or the skinniest or the smartest. Because you being the way you are have no right to judge others. I don’t expect people to automatically change or change at all. The only thing I expect you to do is think. Think about what you say, how you say it and why you say it. Just think that is my message for you.